Coffee Carnaval at Ankara Palas

Coffee Carnaval and Blues session came Ankara at 3-4 December in Ankara Palas. Gökçe and I attended this event. Also the place of carnaval is so exciting. Before we go to festival I made small research. Ankara Palas is located at Ulus and this building was build between 1924-1927. Its building story very interesting, I think. Ankara Palas was design by Vedat TEK however while building client did not pay architect that’s way architect left project. And client found new architect for this project his name is Ahmed Kemalledin. He applied new design. However,while construction is in progress he dead. Vakıflar Idaresi finished this building. Ankara Palas was built for an Hotel. The building in the 1930s, politicians, journalists, official delegations from foreign countries as a meeting place .Ataturk’s reforms and the Turkish public for the first time brought to life some of the innovations that starts at Ankara Palas is known; in particular, women organized social events to lead her into a social life on equal terms with men has hosted. In this term , Cumhuriyet Balo’s was celebrated at that place. While walking around the corridors, I felt living at that age. Scale of the door and corridors is very different from this age. Every door is in a high level than the ground and the scale is around 1,80m. Corridors are very narrow and long . They open in a huge spaces which using for celebrating hall.

If we get back to coffee, this festival is very important for me because I love learn coffee bean history and their coming story in our homes. Coffee bean taste differences is another fascinating part of this festival. We could taste vanilla aromas without adding any syrup only the water and coffee bean. Moreover I learnt new infusing techniques of French Press and Chemex. It was an awesome event. I hope next year it will be repeat.

These are the photographs form the Coffee Carnaval.  “One More Cup Of Coffee -Frazey Ford”.This song flows in my mind while walking around the festival.


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